Marine Forensic Analysis of Hms Hood and Dkm Bismarck, JURENS, 2002

Posted By: Transactions TRANS January 01, 2002 12:00 am
Author(s): Jurens W; Garzke W H; Dulin R O; Roberts J; Fiske R
Published Date: 1/1/2002
Number of Pages: 39


The wrecks of the British battle cruiser HMS Hood and German battles.hip DKM Bismarck were explored during July 2001. Bill Jurens, a member of Panel SD-7 was aboard the expedition ship and provided an analysis. This 2001 visit to Bismarck has clarified many details of damage and construction missed in the 1989 Ballard expedition. Comprehensive and systematic video coverage should eventually enable researchers to compile a complete survey of shell and torpedo damage to the exterior of the main hull and superstructure. A number of new items were discovered in the debris field including one additional main turret and almost the entire forward superstructure. A subsequent and related visit to the wreck of HMS Hood provided the first opportunity to investigate the damage caused by the explosion that tore this battle cruiser apart during her engagement with Bismarck on 24 May 1941. The wreck reveals the severity of that firestorm, and also exhibits significant implosion damage unlike that seen in the wrecks of Bismarck, Titanic, Yorktown, and Derbyshire. The unusual debris field of Hood also presents a number of interesting and mysterious characteristics that may eventually yield significant knowledge regarding the sequence of breakup as the ship approached the bottom. A concluding section provides an introduction to upcoming research, and some perspective regarding the state of marine forensics at the current time.
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