• Call for Abstracts: 6th World Maritime Technology Conference

    Abstract submissions are now being accepted for the 6th World Maritime Technology Conference which will take place from 4-7 December 2018 at Renaissance Shanghai Zhongshan Park Hotel, Shanghai, China. The conference is hosted by the Shanghai Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers.

    Abstract Submission: 30 Nov 2017
    Manuscript for Review:15 Mar 2018
    Final Manuscript due:15 Aug 2018​

    All authors are invited to submit an abstract in 300-400 words.

  • Halifax Technical Meeting

    Halifax Technical Meeting
    Maritime Museum of the Atlantic
    Wednesday 21 Jun, 6:30 pm
    Speaker: Margaret Nate, Survivability Engineer,  Gibbs & Cox, Inc.
    Topic: Warship Survivability

  • Accomplish Great Things: Volunteer with SNAME

    Even though I belong to other professional societies, I choose to give the majority of my time to SNAME.
    I firmly believe that membership in an organization is a give and take relationship--contributing your time and effort to create value for you and your fellow members. SNAME only exists because of its members and their willingness to volunteer in the pursuit of a common interest.
    An organization is only as strong as its members and staff. Recently I've noticed less members stepping into volunteer positions at the local, regional, or international level. Our headquarters staff does incredible work to support SNAME's initiatives, strategies, and planning, but they often have to juggle priorities because we don't have all the volunteers needed.
    At the end of the day, this is a society for maritime professionals and as an industry professional and SNAME member, I take that commitment seriously. I currently serve as SNAME Maritime Convention Chairman, alternate for functional vice president of planning, and as junior regional vice president for the Central and Gulf Region. While I enjoy each of my roles, I sure could use some help.
    Having worked as a project manager on large projects, and having a family of my own, I understand that work and life sometimes takes precedence. However, we must decide how to commit what time we do have to give. We have to make a decision: are we willing to help carry the load and give back to our society beyond yearly membership dues?
    I encourage you to not just be a member of SNAME but an active contributor, growing and pushing our organization forward. I can assure you it will be worthwhile, paying dividends in professional relationships, friendships, leadership experience, and the feeling of accomplishment.
    I hope that you'll help me and your fellow members by reaching out to your section leaders and asking about volunteer opportunities. Feel free to reach out to me and I'll help connect you with staff and volunteer leaders.
    Together, I know that we can help not only ourselves, but those across the entire industry discover what a powerful resource SNAME can be as the international community for ocean and maritime professionals.

  • Registration is Now Open for SOME 2017

    Register now to attend the 6th International Symposium on "Ship Operations, Management and Economics" (SOME 2017) on 11-12 October in Athens, Greece. Early-bird registration ends on 30 September!

  • Looking for Mentors and Students!

    If you are attending OTC 2017 on 1-4 May at NRG Center in Houston, Texas, you’re in luck! Once again, SNAME is organizing the Mentor for a Day Program (MFAD). The Program matches Students with Mentors, who are experts in the industry. Whether it’s Naval Architecture, Structural Design, or Marine Engineering/ Systems, we have a variety of top-notch SNAME members, who want to help guide our Students in their career. From walking around the Expo Hall to answering one-on-one questions, this is a Student’s opportunity to get the best advice from members who have been through it all.

    There are 7 mentoring times and a number of specialties to choose from.

  • SMC 2017 Abstract Deadline Extension - 1 April

    If you're thinking about submitting an abstract for SMC 2017, the abstract submission deadline has been extended to 1 April.

  • SOME 2017: Call for Papers

    Submit abstracts to the 6th International Symposium on "Ship Operations, Management and Economics" (SOME 2017). Held on 11-12 October in Athens, Greece, the deadline is 15 March. For questions, please email

  • Happy (American) Thanksgiving to those celebrating!

    We are thankful for our diverse international membership. Please note Sofia Iliogrammenou will be available in our European office this week to give assistance ( when the US office is closed.

  • SNAME Member Göran Wilkman receives ATC Distinguished Achievement Award for Individuals

    Since 1973 Göran Wilkman has been involved in all fields of the development of activities and solutions for ice-prone waters including; vessel development, Arctic and Antarctic field expeditions, operational, technical and economical consultations as well as testing of solutions both in model scale and full scale conditions.

  • Take Advantage of Affordable Research

    SNAME Members receive large discounts on SNAME's well respected scholarly journals. Volume 60, Number 4, December 2016 of the Journal of Ship Research is now online.

  • SNAME Member Sarah Wickenheiser named Coast Guard Engineer of the Year!

    We are proud to announce the winner of the 2017 Coast Guard Engineer of the
    Year Award is SNAME Member Ms. Sarah Wickenheiser, a Naval Architect currently serving in the
    Hull Engineering Branch at the Coast Guard Yard. Ms. Wickenheiser was selected
    from a remarkable pool of nominees based on her educational, professional, and
    personal achievements.

    As a staff engineer in the Hull Engineering Branch, Ms. Wickenheiser
    provides technical engineering solutions to Yard projects. During the modification
    to the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Vessel THOMAS JEFFERSON,
    she identified design deficiencies in the ship's structure that could have resulted
    in catastrophic hull failure. Her structural vulnerability analysis was used in the
    construction and addition of new liquid storage tanks, allowing for a 50%
    improvement in vessel operating efficiency. Additionally, to avoid hull
    damage to CGC EAGLE while drydocked for sequential shell plating renewal,
    Ms. Wickenheiser developed an innovative protocol using finite element analysis
    to validate segmented sections of EAGLE's hull. Ms. Wickenheiser
    is a graduate of Webb Institute, is a Registered Professional Engineer
    in the State of Maryland and has served as the Membership Chair of the Chesapeake
    Section of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers.

    An awards ceremony will be held in Washington, DC on 17 February 2017 to
    recognize the accomplishments of Ms. Wickenheiser. Additionally, as the Coast
    Guard Engineer of the Year, Ms. Wickenheiser has been nominated for the National
    Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) Federal Engineer of the Year Award.

  • Join a World Class Technical and Research Effort

    SNAME is known for its outstanding Technical and Research (T&R) program. An impressive Committee and Panel structure covers all aspects of research within the maritime industry. Join SNAME and get the benefit of collaborating with international colleagues in your field of interest.

  • SNAME NY Met Section was hosted at Weeks Marine’s shipyard facility in Jersey City, NJ today.

    Although this was a Young Professionals event, it was open to all the members of the Section. The event will included short information session of Weeks Marine Inc., tour of the yard, tour aboard some of Weeks Marine’s fleet of floating cranes, hopper barge, semi-submersible, etc., chance to witness an heavy lift operation and other yard operations.

  • "Guide to Propulsion Reduction Gear Installation and Alignment" Now Available!

    This guide provides vessel owners, operators, designers, builders and gear manufacturers with definitive information helpful for designing and successfully installing reduction gears that will deliver long and reliable marine service. References are made to applicable standards with the focus on providing an understanding of the important concepts, elements, techniques, and best practices in working together to achieve successful and practical installations.

  • New Journal of Ship Production and Design Available

    Volume 32, Number 4, November 2016 Journal of Ship Production and Design is now online.

  • Get Involved in the New Edition of Marine Engineering Revision

    SNAME has announced intention to revise Marine Engineering. Authors are being sought for various chapters. Interested parties are invited to join us during the 2016 SMC in Bellevue, WA, USA for a planning meeting 3 November from 2-4pm in the Balsam Room, 3rd Floor, Cascade Tower.

  • Keeping it Green

    SNAME members Eric Greene and Paul Miller are using STEM to keep it GREEN.

  • A Helping Hand

    During your career many have helped, so now you are thinking you would like to give back. Consider donating to the SNAME scholarships and help and up and coming maritime professional meet their goals.

  • Attention PEs

    SMC 2016 offers three courses to maintain your PE designation. Take a course on Tuesday, 1 November:
    New: Wind Assist for Meeting IMO Ship EEDI, SEMP, and ECA Regulations,
    Presented by Geoff Uttmark, TransTech Inc. and Dr. Robert Latorre, University of New Orleans

    Ship Production,
    Presented by Tom Lamb, Emeritus Research Scientist and Adjunct Professor, University of Michigan

    An Overview of the Design of Advanced Marine Vehicles,
    Presented by Chris McKesson, University of British Columbia

    Members save an additional 150 USD on course registration. Become a member to register before classes are filled!

  • Inland Waterways in October (mt)

    October (mt) is now posted online. FREE for members. Join SNAME and don't miss a single issue of this cutting-edge technical magazine.

  • Ballast Water Management Webinar

    If you missed last Sunday's Ballast Water Management Webinar, with presentations by Katie Weaver of Ecochlor and LCDR Chad Robuck of the United States Coast Guard, you can still watch the recording. Join SNAME for more valuable content like this.

  • Tampa Bay is Calling all Faces of SNAME

    Join Instructor Chris Barry at the IBEX 2016 SNAME-sponsored Super Session Course, "Practical Propeller Matching" on Monday, October 3 from 9:00am - 5:00pm at the Tampa Convention Center. This course will provide valuable, hands-on techniques and tools for designers, builders, engine vendors, surveyors, and operators as well as naval architects. The goal of this session is to introduce the basic background of resistance and propulsion and to present practical aspects and standard methods for predicting resistance and selecting propellers using spreadsheets or similar computer methods. As a member, take advantage of $100 savings on the registration fee and enjoy the Florida coast, sun, sand, waves, and learning. Join SNAME and get a discount on great events like this.

  • Got Research?

    Seeking highly technical papers on applied research in hydrodynamics, propulsion, ship motions, structures, and vibrations for the Journal of Ship Research.

  • Don't give us the cold shoulder ... ATTC: Call for Papers

    ... ATTC: Call for Papers

  • Read SNAME President Joe Comer's new blog.

  • Share the Passion!

    SNAME Members: As you're wishing your colleagues a good weekend remember to ask if they are SNAME members and share what SNAME has done for you and your career!

  • Coming Soon to Bellevue, WA, USA

    Don't miss the SMC 2016

  • Renewal Date Flexibility for SNAME Members

    SNAME now offers you the opportunity to choose the month for your annual renewal that works best for your situation. As you know, SNAME members have traditionally had a renewal deadline of 31 December each year. If you need to align your dues payment with your company's fiscal calendar, you now can.

    Go ahead and complete the renewal date change form by no later than 19 September and you will receive the benefit of renewing your membership at the time that is most convenient for you.
    Here's how it works:
    1.Complete the online form, choosing your renewal month;
    2.When your renewal month change is processed, you will be charged the prorated amount covering the months between January and your new renewal month;
    3.You will be enrolled in SNAME's automatic renewal program;
    4.Your full annual dues will then be automatically renewed each year on the first day of the month that you have chosen.

    This is a voluntary program that is intended as a benefit to you. If you do not wish to change your renewal date, your annual renewal will continue to be due on 31 December each year. Thank you for your continuing support and involvement. SNAME's goal is to make your life better.

  • Read This Week's Newsletter!

  • Thanks to the Featured Papers Committee!

    SNAME would like to thank the members of the Featured Papers Committee who cull through the depth of SNAME's technical knowledge and chose the best papers to highlight for the featured abstracts section of (mt) each quarter. See the July featured abstracts.

  • For only 35 bucks, SNAME Student Membership is the Best Investment in Your Future

    Through access to professionals and fellow students from all over the world, SNAME student members are fine-tuning their goals and shaping their careers. For those of you who know exactly where you are headed, or those of you who are still searching for your ideal career path, there are SNAME members who are happy to share their knowledge and experience with you - at local Section meetings, at the SNAME Maritime Convention, or through our online communities.
    Barr Turner, Chair of SNAME's Student Steering Committee and a student at Webb Institute, recently addressed volunteer leaders at SNAME's Council Retreat. Barr advised students to "never pass up the opportunity to strike up a conversation, to take an empty seat at a dinner table, or most importantly, to get more involved in SNAME. It will have a great impact on your career." Listen to Barr's comments from the Retreat.

  • New Weekly Message from SNAME

  • Chevron Shipping to Sponsor Student & Young Professional Social

    Chevron Shipping is generously sponsoring the Student & Young Professional Social on Wednesday, 2 November following the Expo Hall Welcome Reception at the SMC 2016. See more about the event.

  • SNAME Thanks Chris McKesson-New JSPD Issue Online

    SNAME thanks Chris McKesson for his leadership as Editor of the Journal of Ship Production and Design. This highly regarded journal, once referred to as the bible of shipbuilding, is now expanded to include papers on design and technology.

  • Fellow Spotlight: Thomas Mackey, Manufacturer

    Mr. Mackey served as Chair of the T&R Steering Committee in the 1990s and also chaired the Nominating Committee and the international Activities Committee. He was instrumental in establishing the World Maritime Technology Conference, was Chairman of WMTC 2003, hosted by SNAME in San Francisco, was the first Chairman of the World Maritime Technology Congress, and has been the SNAME representative to the Congress since 2003.

    Mackey has presented many technical papers on Ballast Water Management at various symposia during the past 15 years and led the BW Management Panel Session at WMTC 2015. He was Chairman of the Control Committee and author of the Hull Machinery Chapter of the SNAME publication, "Marine Engineering" in 1992 and is Chair of the Control Committee of its revision. He has been active in the marine business for the past 50 years and has been with Hyde since it was established in Cleveland, Ohio in 1969.

  • Do You Know a Distinguished Maritime Professional?

    Nominate your colleagues for the grade of SNAME Fellow by July 31. Successful nominations will be recognized at the SNAME Maritime Convention in November.

  • Networking is the Start to Lasting Relationships

    It all begins with SNAME. What does a freshman attending Namei Polytechnic Institute in Mandaluyong City, a Research Assistant/ PhD Student in London, and a senior at Webb Institute who has spent the last month in Africa have in common? It all begins with SNAME.

    At the Council Retreat 2016 this June in Alexandria, 39 Students from 31 Student Sections came together for three days to learn about membership and the value of SNAME. "Why do I need SNAME after graduation?" was answered by the 90 different industry leaders representing SNAME leadership from Sections Chairs to the President, who were also in attendance. By Sunday's end the question turned to, "What else can I do as a part of SNAME?" It all begins with SNAME. Join today....and let SNAME be about you!

  • SMC Registration is Open

    Registration for the SNAME Maritime Convention 2016 is open. Members save $150 by registering for the early bird rates, good through October 1. Don't miss out on attending the premier event for maritime and ocean professionals.

    And don't forget to make a hotel reservation at the Hyatt Regency Bellevue.

  • Introducing the Faces of SNAME

    There are seven Faces of SNAME that describe the life cycle of a vessel, boat or other marine asset in any marine or ocean industry . They are:

    Students - Educators/Researchers - Engineers/Designers - Shipbuilders - Manufacturers - Operators - Recyclers/Salvors

    We've identified these unique communities so that we can tailor membership services specific to each of these elements . We'll be describing these and how you fit into one or more in the coming weeks.