Over its 120-year history, Society members have written and published millions of pages of original research, technical papers, books and other content.  These have established SNAME as a world-wide leader in the advancement in naval architecture and marine engineering.  A large percentage of this historic legacy is available online.  Researchers can search online technical papers and members can download their 20 free papers per year here.     



The Principles of Naval Architecture 

SNAME books are available for online viewing and purchase.  Titles range in depth.  Many are approachable by the average reader while others are scholarly works commonly serving as the core texts for graduate and undergarduate students. 

Books are shipped by SNAME staff within 2 business days of purchase under normal circumstances.  

For more information or to order books off-line, contact Kristin Walker of SNAME's publications department at (703-997-6710) or by email at


T&R Bulletins and Reports

                      Reviewed by the Technical and Research Committees, T&R Bulletins and Reports provide valuable information and research results in all fields through the industry.    

A complete list of these documents are available here

T&R Bulletins and Reports are available for purchase here.  Contact Kristin Walker via email at
or by phone at (703) 997-6710 to order.   



With its initial publication April 1, 2010 Marine Technology and SNAME News became the new (mt)leading technology for the maritime industry.

Each quarterly issue provides unmatched coverage about technology advancements and improvements, rules and regulations, case studies for business and the practicing naval architect along with comentary on related public policy issues.

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Journal of Ship Production & Design

Original and timely technical papers addressing problems of shipyard techniques and production of merchant and naval ships appear in this quarterly publication. Since its inception, the Journal of Ship Production and Design (formerly the Journal of Ship Production) has been a forum for peer-reviewed, professionally edited papers from academic and industry sources. As such it has influenced the worldwide development of ship production engineering as a fully qualified professional discipline. The expanded scope seeks papers in additional areas, specifically ship design, including design for production, plus other marine technology topics, such as ship operations, shipping economics, and safety. Each issue contains a well-rounded selection of technical papers relevant to marine professionals.

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Journal of Ship Research


JSR publishes highly technical papers on applied research in hydrodynamics, propulsion, ship motions, structures, and vibrations.

While the Journal of Ship Research requires that papers present the results of research that advances ship and ocean science and engineering, most contributions bear directly on other disciplines, such as civil and mechanical engineering, applied mathematics, and numerical analysis. High quality papers are contributed from the U.S., Canada and overseas, with representation from established authorities as well as new researchers.

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Marine Technology and SNAME News

The last issue of Marine Technology and SNAME News was published on January 1, 2010. The new (mt) Magazine now assumes the "flagship" designation for SNAME publications.  2001 to 2010 volumes of Marine Technology and SNAME News are available online. Individual papers from this journal dating back to 1963 can be found in the technical papers library.

The technical papers in this quarterly journal covered a broad spectrum of research on the latest technological breakthroughs, trends, concepts, and discoveries in the marine industry. SNAME News sections featured news and information on national, section, and local Society events and industry news, as well as updates on committee activities, meetings, seminars, professional conferences, and employment opportunities.