2013-06-18: June Technical Meeting

When: 4:00 Tuesday, June 18th
Where: US Coast Guard Yard
2401 Hawkins Point Road, Baltimore, MD 21226

4:00 PM:         Registration
4:30 PM:         Shipyard Tour
6:15 PM:         Dinner Served
7:00 PM:         Technical Presentation followed by Q&A
8:00 PM:         Wrap-up

Shipyard Tour: The US Coast Guard Yard at Curtis Bay, Maryland is a full-service shipyard offering detail design, modernization, repair, and overhaul/remanufacturing services to the Coast Guard fleet. It was established in 1899 and has grown in capability to become part of the Coast Guard's core industrial base. Currently there are ships representing several different cutter classes in the yard for repair availabilities.

Technical Presentation Abstract: Fuel cells were the subject of significant research and development in the 1990's and early 2000's. The technology's future looked bright based on its clean, efficient, and quiet operating characteristics. However, soon after the FreedomCAR initiative during the Bush administration and the "Hydrogen Highway" initiative in California, fuel cells seemed to disappear from the front pages of the technical and trade journals. What happened? Where's my fuel cell car? Where are all the fuel cell ferries, small craft and pierside hydrogen fueling stations? The presenter will try to offer some possible explanations.

Rich Delpizzo has over 25 years' experience working in ship design, construction and operations, technical review, regulatory requirements application, Navy project management and defense acquisition. He has worked for the American Bureau of Shipping at its New York, New Jersey and Washington, DC offices. Since 2004, he led the Washington DC Naval Engineering office as its Senior Managing Principal Engineer; in January 2010, he was promoted to Manager of Government Operations. In addition to chairing both the SNAME Ship's Machinery Committee and Panel M-45 on Fuel Cells, he also serves as Classification Society Representative to the ISO Subcommittee on Marine Machinery and Piping Systems, as well as serving as Head of Working Group 9 (Fuel Systems). in 2013, he became the ABS representative to NATO's International Naval Safety Association. He has served in the U.S. Navy Reserve for 28 years, retiring in 2012 holding the rank of Captain.

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2013-04-30: Student Papers Night

United States Naval Academy and Virginia Tech
When: Tuesday, April 30
Where: Washington Navy Yard Catering & Conference Center

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