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Innovation Sessions

Innovation Sessions

Due to popular demand, the 2012 Expo will once again offer Innovation Sessions by our Exhibitors on Wednesday afternoon, October 24 and all day Thursday, October 25.

Join us on the EXPO floor for a series of informative and instructive Innovation Sessions.  Presented by some of the best known vendors in the industry, Innovations Sessions are a great opportunity to learn about cutting edge research and development in the International Maritime Community. 

Wednesday, October 24 (2:00pm & 3:30pm)

2:00pm: Navware Canada Inc Cable Management Challenges: A presentation outlining how CMPIC, together with ShipConstructor addresses the major challenges facing companies involved in cabling design

CMPIC has been developed over 16 years to address challenges faced by electrical engineers. The issues addressed include those listed below. To enable a close integration between generation and management of the CAD model, and the management of cabling, we have developed the ShipConstructor interface. ShipConstructor, in conjunction with CMPIC, ensures that any changes made to the geometry can be checked against the status of the cables to avoid rework and installation errors.

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3:30pm: Mide Technology Corporation

Innovative Non-contacting and Non-rotating Water Activated Bulkhead Seals:  Improved Safety and Reduced Costs.

This session will detail the innovative technology behind Mide Technology’s non-contacting and non-rotating bulkhead seal. This session will cover how the development of this new seal design came about.  What the driving force was that led to the challenge to create a seal which would not wear over time and would therefore be by definition more reliable. The topics to be discussed are:

  • HydroActive™ Foam –  new innovative technology
  • Unique New Seal Design
  • Technical Benefits of a Non-contacting ; Non-rotating Seal
  • Propulsion Systems that a Non-contacting ; Non-rotating Seal will compliment
  • Cost Benefits of a Non-contacting ; Non-rotating Seal
  • Safety Benefits of a Non-contacting ; Non-rotating Seal

Thursday, October 25 (11:00am & 12:00pm)

11:00am: Maretron

The N2KVIEW® Vessel Monitoring and Control System

In recent years, increases in vessel operating costs due to skyrocketing fuel costs and other factors have made monitoring a vessel’s operating parameters more important than ever. Several technologies have matured to the point where they can be combined to drastically improve the cost-effectiveness and the reach of vessel monitoring and control systems. The advent of purpose-built vessel monitoring electronics connected through the standard NMEA 2000 marine data network has made complex programming of monitoring systems adapted from the industrial world a thing of the past. Centralized fleet operations monitoring has become easier than ever through ubiquitous, inexpensive internet connectivity via satellite or cellular telephone networks, coupled with cloud computing. Maretron’s N2KView® combines all of these advances to create a highly capable, cost effective, user customizable  vessel monitoring and control system.

12:00pm: Voith Turbo Inc. - Marine Division

New Developments in Advanced Propulsion

Voith Turbo continues to develop advanced propulsion and drive line solutions for all segments of the maritime industry.  This session will focus specifically on two new systems:

1)     Voith Inline Thruster – The Voith Inline Thruster (VIT), an electric rim-driven thruster, has been in development at Voith for many years.  After significant optimization and prototype testing, this system is now being actively installed in vessels ranging from yachts to offshore service vessels and tugs.  This session will provide an overview of the electric rim-driven thruster technology and offer top level details for design and installation.

2)    Voith Linear Jet – Currently under development at Voith, the Voith Linear Jet (VLJ) introduces a high performance, high speed ducted rotor/stator propeller system for vessels operating to speeds over 40 knots.  This session will provide an overview of the prototype development and an initial look at vessel integration.  Envisaged as an ideal solution for high speed, variable load line applications, the VLJ offers a viable and efficient alternative to standard water jet propulsion.

Thursday, October 25 (2:30pm & 3:30pm)

2:30pm:  Noise Control Engineering, Inc.

Designer NOISETM : Prediction Tool for Reducing Noise and Treatment Cost

Noise Control Engineering, Inc. has developed a noise prediction tool called Designer NOISETM for identifying noise problems and solutions. Designer NOISETM is a commercially available software program that uses a 3D modeling environment to quickly generate models of noise from machinery, propulsion systems, HVAC noise, aircraft, and other sources.The program is designed to allow for quick and accurate predictions of noise levels on surface ships and other stiffened plate structures at any stage of the design process. Models can be built during Preliminary/Initial Design to generate early assessments of potential noise problems.  This information can be used to develop noise solutions that would be impossible during later stages of design.

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3:30pm: Aveva

Integrated Shipbuilding Solution

Due to the global downturn and overcapacity in the shipbuilding market, shipyards around the globe are struggling.  New projects are bringing lower margins resulting in mergers of shipyard and many closings.  It seems that the only way to survive this downturn is to maintain or better increase operational efficiency and move into new market segments with better profitability. To achieve this vision AVEVA is focusing on the information that is created inside the shipyard first.  We know that in most shipyards there are a variety of business processes that need to be supported by many tools and software products. Typically these tools are poorly connected requiring many point to point transfers of information and data.  This situation inevitably affects the quality of the data being used by the core processes.  AVEVA is focusing on integrating the information from the core shipbuilding processes with our Integrated Shipbuilding Strategy enabling the flow of information between the applications and teams that support the core shipbuilding processes.

Friday, October 26 (11:00am)

11:00am: Deerberg-Systems, Offshore Division